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Keith Wheeldon

He is currently at Desoto Work Camp. His release date is Dec 23, 2022. Keith received a 10 year sentence for crimes committed in 2012. He is going to Lake City with his housing already arranged. He is unsure his pants size, so he will get to go shopping on HIS special day. He will be learning about basic finances, banking, how to write a resume on his ride to Lake City, FL with plenty of study materials for later. He is looking forward to his new life becoming stable so he can "pay it forward." He understands this responsibility and is willing to give it his all. 

Jan 2023 update: Keith is battling with addiction and is facing the demons which led to his incarceration.We pray for his success and remain available to support him through this trying time. Win or lose, he is trying hard. He will not give up!


Christopher Fulford is at the Okaloosa Work Camp in Florida. He is leaving Jan 19, 2023. Chris will move in with mom and they will receive EOS prep and family reunification support! He has stated, he only needs that support, friendship. You got it Chris!

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