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This is a nonprofit organization that's working to eliminate the digital divide by making affordable Internet, low-cost computers, and free digital literacy courses available to all unconnected U.S. residents.

This website offers a computer basics program where learners can earn a certificate through successful completion of the assessment at a sponsored site. It was originally only available in Minnesota, but more and more sites are being added across the country.

On this site, users can learn to code interactively for free. Educators’ resources are also available, including teacher training, lesson plans, and the ability to track student performance.

This site is a whirlwind community-driven tour of the most common computer programming languages.


This website allows users to educate themselves on everything from HTML and CSS to JavaScript and SQL in web development. Learners can study for free at their own pace; the site also offers a certificate for a fee.

This website publishes technology-focused tutorials, articles, and videos on electronic gadgets, hardware, and software applications.

Through this app, learners can take courses through colleges, view free lectures, and browse collections from educational and cultural institutions like Oxford, Museum of Modern Art, and the New York Public Library.


This website focuses on English, math, and job skills for adults, with real-life applications for these skills in everyday life.


This is a massive open online course (MOOC) that offers more than 1,000 online courses from more than 120 partners. It also allows learners to audit courses and receive an unverified certificate for free or a verified certificate for a fee.


This is a MOOC that offers more than 200 online classes from almost 50 partner universities. It offers the ability to audit a course, and learners receive a free honor code certificate or a verified certificate for a fee.


This website is not a MOOC but offers more than 90 courses and areas of study that are set up to mirror what learners would find at a traditional university. It offers free certificates as well.


This website offers the ability to audit more than 2,200 MIT courses. There are no certificates available, but no registration is required.

This worldwide community of hundreds of (mostly international) higher education institutions offers thousands of college courses for free.

This website curates a collection of more than 750 online courses from colleges in the United States and around the world.

This website offers more than 10,000 online courses from universities and other educational organizations; it includes both free and for-credit learning options.

This website uses game-based and visual content to help users boost skills in vocabulary, languages, history, and science.

This website offers free cultural and educational media, including audiobooks, online courses, certificate courses/MOOCs, movies, e-books, K-12 resources, and language lessons.

This MOOC (and the European platform for online learning) enables universities to share a broad range of courses with students around the world, allowing students to earn recognized credentials. Students can take free online courses from professors on everything from public speaking and architecture to business and international relations.


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