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Interested in Overdose Prevention Training for your team, neighborhood, family, or group?

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Our mission is twofold. First, we enhance public safety via reduced recidivism through support of the transition process during and post incarceration. We accomplish this through peer mentorship (Buddy System), individualized training in soft skills including, but not limited to banking, credit, goal setting, family reunification, cooking, and budgeting, career preparation and a Fresh Start package.


Second, our innovative Youth Harm Reduction program FUTURE FUEL reality and evidence based curriculum educates and empowers youth and families to reduce harms related to substance use and/or abuse and make informed decisions. Our program includes classes for preteens, teens, college aged students, parents and caregivers. The practices included were developed in-house plus materials from Stanford University, Curtin University AU, SAMHSA, NIDA, CA Interior of Health, and BC Foundry.  

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Our program uses evidence-based models with consistent input from those whom we serve to best utilize resources where needed and will continue to expand services as they become available. Step-by-step we hope to see fewer crimes, less criminogenic behavior, no fentanyl poisoning deaths and more opportunities for true second chances. 


Brianna Michelle Oberly has always been a strong and brave child with a tender heart and a fierce temper. Family was always a very high priority in her life. Her protective nature knew very few bounds and left her an especially soft spot for the next generation of family members. 

As a young teen, Brianna was no different than most other adolescents full of angst, confusion, and poor decision-making skills. A series of bad choices led to her incarceration at the tender age of 19. Bri slowly matured into a beautiful young lady with equal parts tough and tender. She always made others feel special, feel like they were her best friend in the world,  even sisterly. 

During the later stages of Brianna's incarceration, she experienced the darker side of incarceration, abuse, in one of its many forms. Not just her, but other incarcerated women. Bri knew this was not "right" and she took up the battle not only for herself, but for others without fear of the retaliation that may well come her way. Her battle cry, "I am tough. I can take a beating" still resounds in the state of Florida.

The last three years in prison was not easy. More than a few barriers were thrown into her path but through it all she kept that smile on her face and continued the path less travelled. And we fought.

Brianna eventually made her way to Community Work Release where she was able to work in the community wearing two monitors, while returning to a secure facility at night. She paid her fees and fines on her own. Then came the day! Her BIG day! Release. EOS (end of sentence). SO exciting. So scary! Sept 2021.

Her first few days were a whirlwind of to-do lists and tight schedules. Each item checked off the list one at a time. At one point Brianna even had two jobs! She bought a car and found her own apartment. A lot of accomplishments. A lot of stress. 

Nine years of incarceration during Brianna's younger years. Her 28th birthday celebrated at work release. The pressure and stress of reintegrating into society as an adult, meanwhile some parts, deep inside, remain that 19 year old at the beginning of her sentence. Past traumas never allowed the opportunity to heal. Pressure to succeed. 

On Feb 1, 2022, Brianna passed on from this life on Earth at the age of 28. She left behind 2 children, her parents, siblings, grandmother, and a plethora of family, friends, and well wishers. This is her legacy. 

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